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    Womens Health

      Image Management ::

    Take full advantage of your WelchAllyn Video Colposcope with this simple and affordable software-based imaging solution. It works directly with the colposcope to provide imaging documentation that can be integrated directly into your existing office technology and workflow.
    • Capture, review, print and export colposcope images quickly and easily
    • View captured images in real time-no more waiting for hard copies to print
    • Electronic image storage facilitates patient tracking and management
    • Communicates directly with the WelchAllyn Video Colposcope
    • Flexible, affordable and easy to use
    • Images are saved in standard file formats, making them easy to integrate with an existing patient management system

      Cordless Illumination System ::

    Designed with enhanced unique new features.
    • Advanced LED light source provides improved visualization of the exam area by supplying brighter, whiter light
    • No cord to get in the way during procedures
    • Automatically illuminates upon insertion of the illuminator and once it is removed the light goes off
    • Use your Cordless Illumination System as an all purpose light source as well as with the KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Speculum

      Video Colposcope ::

    Offer more complete care with true video colposcopy combining light, power and video for high-resolution imaging, superior diagnostics and information management.
    • The direct-to-screen colposcope gives you full-screen, high-resolution images with no couplers or beam splitters to degrade image quality or field of view
    • WelchAllyn Solarc® lighting generates 50% whiter, brighter light for true tissue color
    • Push button on-screen magnification index
    • Unique polarization filter removes glare for accurate tissue assessment
    • Electronic green filter removes red from image with no light loss
    • Store, retrieve, compare, annotate and transmit images with advanced image management
    • A variety of documentation options are available
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