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    Water Bed
    (Pressure Sore Preventive Bed)

      Water Bed ::

    Water Bed
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      Packed in Convient Carry Bag

    A pressure sore preventive (PSP) Bed is made out of Single Textured Rubberrised Fabric having three compartments with built in pillow at one end and other two parts are to be filled by cool/normal water through the nozzles provided in the bed. This is available in the size 204cms (80.31 inches) x 90cms (35.43 inches). It is completely leakproof.

    This bed is used by the patients who are to lie on the bed for a long time, viz. The patient with broken legs, waist, coma, cerebral attack, heart patient, arthritis patient who cannot move etc. As constant lying in the same position resulting constant pressure and abrasion in particular places of teh body for a long time give rise to the possiblities of developing sores in those parts of the body. By using this bed the possibility of developing bed sores is eliminated and the person who is already suffering from bed sore, PSP Bed can bring relief from pain and provide a cool and soothing sensation. Nowadays doctors are recommending this bed for those patients.
    How to use :

    To defold the bed and to spread it on a wooden/iron platform.
    To unscrew the metal with washer.
    From the source of water supply one end of a pipe is to be inserted in the tap and the outer end to pushed in through the nozzles provided.
    After filling the bed 2/3 the metal stopper with washer is to be fitted tightly.
    One mackintosh sheet or all rubber sheet is to be spread over the bed before placing the patient on it.
    It should be pulled after filling it up with water.

      Repairing Instructions :

    It may happen that all on a sudden the bed may show leakage in any part of the bed.

    At first detect the place of leakage.
    Cut a small piece of fabric (Rubberrised) and buff the rubberised portion of the fabric with emery paper.
    To apply adhesive on both the fabric (the leakage portion and cut piece) and allow to dry for 10 minutes and then to apply adhesive again and keep it for 10 minutes and adhesive the two sticky surface together and give uniform pressure.
    It is to be looked into that no air locking or creasing takes place on the patch portion.
    Keep the bed under pressure for 48 hours before use again.

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