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    Gluco Plus
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    Wall Suction

      Wall Suction ::

    Item Code : SU22
    Specifications/Details :
    Vacuum Gauge: Fitted with a protective bumper device - 0-1000, 0-600 and 0-250 mbar/ kPa vacuum levels.
    Jars: Polycarbonate safety jar with overflow safety device and easy to change bacterial filter. Polycarbonate 0.5 ltr. Collection Jar. Fitted on Universal Rail Adaptor.
    Wide membrane continuous suction controller, guaranteeing reliability and fine adjustment on a corrosion - resistant plastic moulded body and wheeled trolley.
    On / off knob allowing for the quick restoration of a preadjusted vacuum level, and central adjustment knob with a colored sticker: black for 0-1000, gray for 0-600 and white for 0-250 mbar / kPa.

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