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    Gluco Plus
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    Vacuum Extractor Set
    (Manual & Electric)

      Vacuum Exractor Set (Manual Operated) ::

    Item Code : VE001
    Specifications/Details :
    Vacuum Extractor Set, Malmstorm type,
    manual operated. Complete with 3 S.S.
    Cups, (40, 50, 60mm) rubber pressure tube, traction
    handle, suction pump, glass jar in between top and
    bottom metal plates fitted with vacuum gauge and
    control valve. Packed in plastic case.

      Vacuum Extractor Set (Manual Operated) ::

    Item Code : VE005
    Specifications/Details :
    3 Silicone Cups.
    PVC Tube.
    Suction Pump.
    Glass Jar fitted with Vacuum Gauge and Control Valve.

    Item Code : VE006
    Specifications same as VE005 but, Silicone Cups have Vacuum Control Valve.

      Vacuum Extractor Set (Manual Operated) ::

    Item Code : VE020
    Specifications/Details :
    3 Stainless Steel Cups (40, 50, 60mm).
    Autoclavable PVC Pressure Tube.
    Traction Handle.
    Suction Pump.
    Glass Jar fitted with Vacuum Gauge and Control Valve including Spare Glass Jar.
    Packed safely in Thermocol box.

      Vacuum Extractor Set (Aspirator) - Electric ::

    Item Code : VE025
    Specifications/Details :
    A Totally dependable unit for Gynaecological Clinics and specialized applications.
    This incorporates a high capacity Suction Pump duly oil immersed ensures noiseless and trouble free performance coupled with a specially designed electric motor.
    Fitted with One or Two graduated glass bottles (As per  buyer's choice) of 750ml capacity with Vacuum Tight Rubber Lids, ON-OFF toggle switch, Indicators, fuse and Fuge Blowen Indicators, Spring loaded vacuum Adjustable valve and a carrying handle.
    A float valve in the second bottle is provided to safeguard against inflow of fluid into the Suction Pump. (This float valve is not required in case single bottle unit is preferred).
    The complete unit is housed in a EPOXY POWDER COATED CABINET with STAINLESS STEEL TOP mounted on four rubber feets.
    Electrically Operated on 220/250Volts, AC single phase, 50 Hz.
    Supplied with a set of 3 cups with tubings fitted with release valve and a connector.

      Vacuum Extractor Set - Electric ::

    Item Code : VE030
    Specifications/Details :
    Shock Resistant ABS case.
    Compact, Lightweight & Powerful and Corrosive.
    Robust Engineering Plastic moulded shock resistant ABS Housing - provision for fitting second 2 liter jar on the other side with 2 size Hooks to hold tube.
    Diaphragm Pump - No Lubrication.
    -500 ± 10mm Hg at 22 Liters/min.
    Autoclavable 2 Litre collection jar, overflow safety jar with Bacterial filter impregnated in lid.
    Good for different clinical/medical/surgical procedures.
    Necessary tools for maintenance/replacement and spares provided.
    Supplied with a set of 2 silicone cups with release valve.
    Dimension: 20x42x36cm.
    Unit Weight: 7.5 Kgs.
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