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      General Ultrasound ::

    LOGIQ 100 PRO
    With the LOGIQ 100 PRO, GE Healthcare has developed a portable ultrasound system which meets the increasing demands for diagnostic confidence and high patient throughput.

    Combining the best image quality with maximum productivity, this system is designed for abdominal, urology, obstetrics, OB/GYN, small parts, cardiac, pediatric and interventional applications.

    LOGIQ 200 PRO
    The LOGIQ 200 PRO Series is just one more example of the breakthroughs evolving regularly from the scientists and clinicians at GE Ultrasound - breakthroughs designed to provide you with unmatched image quality and diagnostic confidence. With unprecedented productivity tools for department-wide productivity. And with a clearly defined upgrade path to help you stay affordably at the forefront of ultrasound technology.

    LOGIQ Book XP
    LOGIQ Book XP provides you the next generation performance in a compact platform exactly what you'd expect from the world leader in Ultrasound. The system is built on the softwarebased architecture that distinguishes GE's LOGIQ family of systems from all others.

    LOGIQ P5
    GE rolls out its latest ultrasound system. A streamlined model in a class by itself. One with mid-size maneuverability. And luxury performance - within your means. Agile. Powerful. Loaded.

    The road to diagnostic confidence has an easier, more accessible route. Introducing the LOGIQTP5, a unique system that puts breakthrough technology well within the reach of private practices, specialized clinics and hospitals. Paved by advanced imaging applications - like High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging, CrossXBeamT imaging and 4D Imaging - the sleek LOGIQ P5 carves out a new intersection between performance and affordability. One that crosses out compromise. And passes sonographer approval. With precision handling and user-friendly features.

     Logiq C Series ::

    Logiq C2
    The Logiq C2 is light weight has a small footprint and is easy to move. It is truely big on features
    • Auto Optimization
    • Tissue Harmonic Lmaging
    • Virtual Convex
    • Auto depth
    The system also allows the option of adding features such as Logiqview and easy3D as upgrades.

    Logiq C3
    The Logiq C3 has been concieved as a package that aids your practice through greater dependability in diagnosis even as it enhances patient throughput. The system is equipted with a host of features for optimized performance:
    • Auto Optimization - one touch image optimization, improves contrast resolution
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) - visualize in great detail with (THI). It is the combination of fundamental wave and harmonic wave which provides increased spatial and contrast resolution
    • Virtual Convex - Wider field of view on linear probes

    Logiq C5
    The Logiq C5 is a product that draws on GE's leading position in ultrasound and features it's unique TruScan Architecture. With proven performance internationally, TruScan combines the benefits of:
    • SmartScan for superior diagonistic consistancy and confidance through improved image acquisition, reducing the time needed with each patient
    • TruAccess that enables live scanning techniques to be applied to stored image data, an exclusive GE raw data processing technology that enhances diagonistic capacity
    • ConformScan that aids easy-to-use and operator comfort due to ergonomic design
     OB - Gyn ::

    With the introduction of the VOLUSON 730 PRO, GE Healthcare has expanded the clinical utility of RealTime 4D imaging technology in gynecological and prenatal applications.

    By performing up to 25 volume scans per second, RealTime 4D imaging technology displays three-dimensional ultrasound images as they happen, which allows the visualization of fetal movements and other diagnostic procedures.

    Voluson i
    Stunning image clarity. Real-time volumetric images. Advanced diagnostic capabilities online and offline. Workflow efficiencies. Total portability. And that's just a tiny peek.

    More ultrasound data. Better informed decisions. The more you see, the more you know. And that speaks volumes for your diagnostic confidence.

    A passion for innovation. 3000 dedicated employees. The resources of a global leader. It's amazing what the combination has led to. Then again, maybe it isn't such a surprise.

    Who would think the industry-leading technology of our premium Voluson console system - one of the most trusted systems for women's healthcare - could be condensed into a portable laptop version?

    Vivid e
    The Vivid e delivers everything you need in a compact echo system, like complete cardiovascular functionality, a comprehensive cardiac measurement and analysis package, and full shared service capabilities.

    Vivid S5
    GE Healthcare's all-new Vivid S5 signature class cardiovascular ultrasound systems combine strong performance and excellent image quality into new innovative console designs. The Vivid S5 takes the clinical quantitative tools from the acclaimed Vivid 7 and the miniaturization expertise gained from Vivid i to create extraordinarily unique cardiovascular and shared services systems that expands the reach of patient examinations.

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