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    Tweezers / Forceps

    Tweezers from Mednet Healthcare Limited are forged from the best grades of metals and each tweezer machined to impart the suitability for a particular job. Extensive hand operations are used in shaping, adjusting and finishing the points, and hence we provide a large range of patterns to select from-

      General use Tweezers ::

    Item Code : TW001
    General use Tweezers- Brass / Antimagnetic stainless steel having tapered shanks with beveled edges; points are sharp and plain finished.
    Size : 120mm.

      General use Tweezers - Antimagnetic Steel ::

    Item Code : TW002
    Antimagnetic Steel general use tweezers with sturdier points. Tips are slightly wider and thicker. Indented shanks with flat edges gives good gripping of object.
    Size 120mm.

    Item Code : TW002A
    Same as TW002, with wider points and rounded tips.
      Antimagnetic Steel Tweezers ::

    Item Code : TW003
    Antimagnetic Steel Tweezers with tapered shanks, beveled edged, very sharp and honed points. Excellent for handling micro mniature parts.
    Size : 120mm.

    Item Code : TW003C
    Shorter version of TW003. Size : 110mm.

      Tweezers - Beveled Edges ::

    Item Code : TW004
    Tweezers have indented shanks with beveled edges and points are extra honed to a needle like shape and sharp tips.
    Size : 110mm.

    Item Code : TW005
    Same as TW004, but has a very narrow needle like points, Size 110mm.

      Tweezers - Offset Angle ::

    Item Code : TW005A
    Offset angle provides a good access.
    Size : 120mm.
      Tweezers - Sharp Hooked Angleed Points ::

    Item Code : TW006
    Tweezers with sharp hooked angled points used to reach hard to get spots.
    Size : 115mm.

      Curved Shanks With Beveled Edges ::

    Item Code : TW007, TW007A, TW007B
    Specially shaped curved shanks with beveled edges ; points have a plain finish and very sharp. 7A has blunter tip, 7B has nonslip serrated jaws.

      Antimagnetic Steel Thin Tweezer ::

    Item Code : TW00SS
    Antimagnetic steel thin tweezer with sharp points. Also plastic dip coated handle.
    Size : 140mm.

    Item Code : TW00S
    Same as TW003, but lesser finishing of points.
      Brass / Antimagnetic Steel Tweezer ::

    Item Code : TWOO
    Brass/Antimagnetic and stainless Steel general utility tweezer. Shanks are thick and have flat edges. Points are honed & blunt tips.
    Shook Length 120mm.

      Brass / Antimagnetic Steel Tweezer ::

    Item Code : TWOC
    Very sharp tipped tweezer with fine honed points, tapered profile.
    Size : 90mm.

    Item Code : TWOOC
    Shorter version of pattern OO.

    Item Code : TWAC
    Similar to pattern OOC but points are slightly broad.

    Item Code : TWA
    Similar to pattern OO except points are plain with wider tips.
    Size : 115mm.

    Item Code : TWAA
    Brass/Antimagnetic and stainless steel tweezer.
      Excellent for handling miniature parts.
    Size : 120mm.
      Reverse Action Stainless Steel Tweezer ::

    Item Code : TWR1
    Reverse Action stainless steel tweezer.
    Straight/Curved blades.
    Size : 165mm/155mm/120mm.

    Item Code : TWR3
    Reverse Action Tweezer with fibre grips for resistance.
    Straight blades.
    Size : 175mm/165mm.

    Item Code : TWR4
    Reverse Action Tweezer with fibre grips for resistance.
    Curved blades.
    Size : 175mm/165mm.
      Serrated Tweezer ::

    Item Code : TWST
    Tweezer with finely serrated tips to hold the objects securely.
    Shanks are taperred, have beveled edges and serrate.
    Size : 140mm/150mm/160mm.

      Eyebrow Tweezer / Cilia Forceps ::
    Item Code : TWET
    Eyebrow tweezer/Cilia forceps ideal for strong grip on minute objects.
    Thumb serrated shanks.
    Size 3" & 3.5".

      General Forceps ::
    Item Code : TWG
    General forceps with blunt rounded/sharp, bent points.
    Any size.




    If you require Tweezers (Forceps) of any special size/shape, please send us your samples for furnishing you with rates/counter samples. Tweezer kits as per individual requirements can be made.
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