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    Gluco Plus
    Product Categories
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    General Aids

      Head Band ::

    Head Band
    Item Code : RH060
    FEATURES: Made from Durable elastic. Provides comfortable uniform pressure to the forehead.
    CAUTION: Do not use for more than 15 minutes at a time. May be applied dry or dipped in Eau de Colonge.
    SIZES: Universal.

      Tourniquet ::

    Item Code : RH061
    FEATURES: Use either for drawing blood or for intravenous injection 
    SIZES: 16" Length.

    Tourniquet - Latex
    Item Code :  
    Features: Tourniquet Latex Elastic Strip Tubular Reusable, Non-sterile
    Length: 75-100cm Approx.
    Instructions for use: A tourniquet is used to facilitate the puncture of veins.
    Safety Process: This item must be cleaned and disinfected as often as necessary.
      Cast Shoe ::

    Cast Shoe
    Item Code : RH062
    Cast Shoe, in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.

      Stockinette ::

    Item Code : RH063
    Stockinette - 20 meters (small)
    Item Code : RH064
    Stockinette - 20 meters (medium)
    Item Code : RH065
    Stockinette - 20 meters (large)

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