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    Plastic Test Tube Racks / Stands / Baskets

      FLOAT RACK ::

    This Float Rack moulded in Polypropylene is quite compact, autoclavable and can hold 16 micro centrifuge tubes for incubation in water baths. Easy to load, these are essential in microbiology & immunology labs. The surface of the rack has raised alpha-numeric index for easy identification and has a central rod handle for convenient lifting.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Description
    P75.1615 16 MCTs of 1.5ml

      MCT TWIN RACK ::

    NET brands provides this Twin Purpose Rack for both 0.5ml & 1.5ml micro centrifuge tubes. Each side has 108 holes for 0.5ml & 1.5ml MCT's respectively. The transparent top provides an excellent view as well as a protection cover for the tubes stored. Each face for the base has a unique alpha-numeric index for easy identification of the tube.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Description
    P77.0515 Rack for 0.5ml & 1.5ml MCT's

      PCR TUBE RACK ::

    This Rack, as the name suggest, is used for keeping PCR Tubes. Top & base of this rack are made of tough & transparent polycarbonate while the middle portion is made of polypropylene. The tube holding spaces are uniformly placed so as to facilitate the use of multipipettes. A no. of racks can be sacked together to save shelf space.

    Material :Polycarbonate / Polypropylene (PC/PP)
    Item Code Description
    P78.9602 Rack for 96 PCR Tubes of 0.2ml

      MCT BOX ::

    MCT Boxes are moulded in polycarbonate and are therefore strong as well as autoclavable. One size can hold 64 MCT's of 1.5ml & the other can hold 100 MCT's of 0.5ml. These boxes are designed to work at temperatures ranging from -190°C to +121° C. The transparent cover provides a good view of the contents inside & is numbered for better inventory control.

    Material :Polycarbonate (PC)
    Item Code Size
    P79.1005 Rack for 100 MCT's of 0.5ml
    P79.6405 Rack for 64 MCT's of 0.5ml


    This autoclavable Stand is perhaps the most commonly used Test Tube Stand in various laboratories. For better visibility, this 6 place rack is end supported by 2 columns. The top plate has 2 holes for holding 25mm dia test tubes, four holes to hold 16mm dia tubes where as the base has corresponding hemispherical well. It also has six vertical pins fro drying tubes.
    Another option available in this section is a test tube stand in which all the holes in the top plates can hold 25mm dia tubes.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Description
    P125.1625 16mm & 25mm Ø Tubes
    P125.0025 25mm Ø Tubes

      TEST TUBE STAND (Round) ::

    A handy, little, space saver, this circular twelve place Polypropylene Test Tube Stand has four 25mm dia holes & eight 19mm dia holes in its top plate. The base has matching hemispherical wells & 16 verticalpins for drying tubes surrounded by a trough to catch drippings. This autoclavable rack can be easily disassembled for cleaning purpose.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Description
    P126.1925 19mm & 25mm Ø Tubes

      TEST TUBE STAND (3 Tier) ::

    These ingenious racks with a 3-tier design provide clear view of the tube contents & convenient insertion & removal of tubes. The PC rack has transparent upper & middle plates where as in PP racks, every part is coloured & opaque. These autoclavable Racks can withstand sub-freezing temperatures.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Description
    P127.1331 13mmX31Tubes
    P127.1631 16mmX31Tubes
    P127.2020 20mmX20Tubes
    P127.2512 25mmX12Tubes
    P127.2518 25mmX18Tubes
    P127.3212 32mmX12Tubes
    P127.2536 25mmX36Tubes
    P127.1318 13mmX18Tubes
    P127.1518 15mmX18Tubes
    P127.1812 18mmX12Tubes
    P127.1362 13mmX62Tubes
    P127.1662 16mmX62Tubes
    P127.2040 20mmX40Tubes

    Material :Polycarbonate (PC)
    Item Code Description
    P129.1331 13mmX31Tubes
    P129.1631 16mmX31Tubes
    P129.2020 20mmX20Tubes
    P129.2512 25mmX12Tubes
    P129.1362 13mmX62Tubes
    P129.1662 16mmX62Tubes
    P129.2040 20mmX40Tubes
    P129.2524 25mmX24Tubes
    P129.2518 25mmX18Tubes
    P129.2536 25mmX36Tubes
    P129.3212 32mmX12Tubes


    Moulded in Polycarbonate, this autoclavable rack is made for holding twenty four 1.5ml micro centrifuge tubes. This rack has a unique stacking feature which prevents movement in any direction. The holes are numbered & lettered for easy identification.

    Material :Polycarbonate (PC)
    Item Code Description
    P135.0024 For 24 Tubes
    P135.0048 For 48 Tubes


    An economical substitute for wire racks, here are these submersible, autoclavable racks which are stackable when empty. These are available in different colours and are made of a special blend of Polypropylene that makes it sink in a water bath and maintain their stability even in agitated water. These space saving racks can easily be disassembled for cleaning purpose. the base is in the form of a grid with square openings and fold up sides and end bars that lock into rack tops.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Description
    P137.1390 13mmX90Tubes
    P137.1660 16mmX60Tubes
    P137.2040 20mmX40Tubes
    P137.2524 25mmX24Tubes


    NET brand Test Tube Baskets are made of Polypropylene. These autoclavable, unbreakable and non-corrosive Baskets are ideal for rinsing & draining glassware. These are also useful for storage of test tubes or culture tubes during sterlization or incubation.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Description
    P139.141211 140X120X110mm
    P139.161616 160X160X160mm
    P139.404010 400X400X100mm

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