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    Suture Needles - Stainless Steel
    (Spring Eye & Regular Eye)

      Suture Needles ::

    NET Brand Suture Needles are made from finest quality Japanese Stainless Steel and are being exported all over the world in huge quantities. Please inform us the sizes and quantities required by you and we shall be glad to send our C.I.F. rates and samples.

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    Types of Suture Needles- Regular Surgeons, round bodied, reverse cutting, conventional cutting needles, premium point,  Skin & Muscle, Gynaecological, Keith, Mayo's , Hagedorn's , Ferguson's  Liver, Schauta, Hernia, Eye  Sattler, Kalt, Vascular, Payr,  Post Mortem, Serpentine, Veterinary, Abcission, Colt's Tension, Davis Tonsil, Eye Needles, Fistula, French's Spring Eye Intestinal, Hagedorn Needle, Jameson's Strabismus, Kalt's Corneal , Kalt's Conjunctival, Kelly's Cervix, Kelly's Gynaecological, Kelly's Intestinal, Lane's Needle, Lane's Cleft Palate, Liver, Loopuyt's, Maddox Cataract, Maddox Conjunctival, Mayo's for Catgut, Mayo's Intestinal Straight, Mayo's Standard, Murphy's Intestinal, Ogilvie Range, Post Mortem Straight, Post Mortem Curved, Post Mortem Half Curved, Post Mortem Sepentine,  Sim's Abdominal, Verterinary Curved, Worth's Advancement......

    .....and many more

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