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    Gluco Plus
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    Manual Operated Suction Units

      Manul Suction Unit (Foot / Pedal Operated) ::

    Item Code : SU07
    Specifications/Details :
    Capacity: Foot Operated Vacuum pump giving vacuum more than 550mm ( + 50mm).
    The Unit is fitted on a Powder Coated Base with vacuum gauge.
    Two Glass Jars (600ml) are provided with caps. A Suction Cannula is also provided with the Unit.

    Item Code : SU07s
    Specifications same as SU07 but, the unit is fitted on a Stainless Steel Base with Vacuum guage.

      Manual Suction Unit (Foot / Pedal Operated) - SUPERIOR ::

    Item Code : SU09
    Specifications/Details :
    Top view Manometer - visible to the operator.
    Engineering Plastic Moulded Parts - non-corrosive.
    Autoclavable 1 Litre PC Jar.
    Silicon Patient Tube (7mm ID).
    Bacterial Filter (0.3 micron) with Reusable / Autoclavable Housing between Jar and Pump.
    Efficient Piston Pump for creating Vacuum Instantly.
    Easy to dismantle, clean, disinfect and reassemble.
    Easy of operation - one person can operate unaided.
    Useful for field hospital, midwives, medical centre, mines, aircraft, trains, mountaineers, on-foot paramedics etc.
    Outright Vacuum -600mm Hg ± with Average Per Stroke Volume of 200ml.
    Dinension 32x17x30cms.
    Weight : 2.3Kg.

    Item Code : SU10
    Specifications same as SU09 but, Foot Pedal made of Aluminium. High performance suction pump for pharyngeal and tracheal suction.

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