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    Gluco Plus
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    Suction Machine - Portable Emergency Unit

      PORTABLE AC/DC SUCTION UNIT (Emergency care in Hospitals, Ambulance, Camps, Travel & Home) ::

    Item Code : SU15
    Specifications/Details :
    Capacity: -550mm Hg Vacuum 15 ltrs / min.
    Power: 220 V AC and in-built maintenance free 12 V battery, 55 watts.
    Vacuum Gauge: Bourden type, 5 cms (2 inch dial). 0-760mm Hg calibration.
    Jars: Autoclaveable 0.5 ltr. collection jar and easy change of bacterial filter in autoclaveable re-usable housing
    Pump Type: Oil free piston pump.
    Housing: MS Powder Coated Cabinet.
    Dimensions & Weight: 37 x 15 x 25 cms. Weight: 6 Kg.
    Dimensions & Weight: 20 x 42 x 36 cms. Mass: 7.5 Kg.
    Battery Backup: 40 minutes on full charge
    Provided with AC Adapter and cigarette lighter socket cable for use in ambulance / car.
    Can be hung in ambulance or wall.
    Available in attractive shoulder carry bag.

    SU15 with Carry Bag

      HAND HELD SUCTION (for Paramedics, Ambulances, Air Medivac Transports & First Responders) ::

    Item Code :  
    Specifications/Details :
    Weight: 143g. (5 oz.)
    Size: 114 L. x 180 h. x 55mm W. (4.49" x 7.10" x 2.15")
    Stroke Volume per Activation: 30ml.
    Maximum Suction: >550mm Hg. (21.7" Hg.)
    Minimum Suction after 2 Activations: >400mm Hg. (Measured at suction handle inlet)
    Peak Air Flow (50ms.): 20L
    Compact & Light Weight: Easy to store and carry.
    Versatile: Sizes to fit all patients from infant to adult.
    Fast and Powerful: Effortless snap together assembly. Vacuum >550 mm Hg (21.5").
    Use Anywhere: No batteries or electricity required.
    Low Cost: Reusable pump handle easily connects to disposable catheters and fluid collection canisters.

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