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    Plastic Sample Container - Urine & Stool Collection Centre

      SAMPLE CONTAINER (Screw Type) ::

    NET brand Sample Containers are made of Polypropylene. These thin walled, graduated, disposable containers are easily screw capped with lass than 1/4" of a rotation. As one screw caps the container, the top of it sets in a domed ring in the cap making it completely leakproof. This is perhaps the ideal most option available for carring samples from one place to another safe and sound.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Size
    P83.0100 100 ml.


    These containers can be used for collecting a wide range of samples of sputum, urine etc. Moulded in polypropylene these container have excellent contact clarity and the cap has built-in seal that makes it comletely leakproof.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Size
    P85.0030 30 ml.
    P85.0060 60 ml.


    These containers, as name suggests are used for collecting stool samples. The cap is provided with a spoon like structure that proves helpful in lifting samples.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Size
    P87.0030 30 ml.
    P87.0060 60 ml.

      SAMPLE CONTAINER (Press & Fit Type) ::

    Made of Polypropylene, these disposable Containers are used for collecting samples of sputum or urine etc. Graduated on the outer surface, these containers have cap that work in a press & fit manner & make these containers leakproof. These disposable containers are E.T.O. sterilized.

    Material :Polypropylene (PP)
    Item Code Description
    P215.0050 50 ml.
    P215.0030 30 ml.

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