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    Overhead Projectors

      Hand & Table Microtome ::

    Overhead Projectors
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    NET Overhead Projectors are compact, efficient, versatile and light in weight. Its Optical components designed to give crisp sparkling image on the screen, as we write, draw or sketch our illustration on a transparent cellophane sheet. For the lecturer it brings a new dimension in reaching, it can give him a freedom of expression unknown to him before. And very important, he can "Programme" his material, present it logically, stop the programme and repeat until his audience has understood his points.

    Model PR-22
    Model PR-25
    Projection Lens One element, f-254 mm One element, f-300mm 
    *Three element, 275-320mm
    Condenser System Fresnel Lens (Standard) Fresnel Lens (Deluxe)
    Projection Lamp 240V-600W (PR-22) 
    24V-250W (PR-22A) 
    24V-250W/Twin (PR-22B)
    24V-250W (Twin Lamp)
    Lamp Changer By lever knob (PR-22B) By Shifter Assembly
    Power Source AC 220-240V, 50 Hz AC 220-240V, 50 Hz
    Stage Aperture 250mm x 250mm 
    *285mm x 285mm
    250mm x 250mm 
    *285mm x 285mm
    Reflector Metal Reflector Glass Reflector
    Focussing Metal, Rack - Pinion Metal, Rack - Pinion
    Projection Distance Effectively 1 to 3 Mtrs. Effectively 1 to 4 Mtrs.
    Cooling System Fan Cooled Axial Blower Cooled
    Safety Interlock Opening of the top cover by 
    Disconnecting pwer lead.
    Power is cut off automatically 
    when top cover is opened.
    Power Cable Detachable Power Cable Fixed Power Cable having 
    provision for storage
    Lamp Safety/Regulator Variable Intensity Control 
    Knob is provided.
    High-Low Intensity Switch 
    for Lamp.
    Folding Fixed Type 
    (Detachable Parts)
    Folding - Type provided with 
    Handle to carry around. 
    (Detachable Parts)
    Dimensions 305x305x285mm 340x310x250mm
    Accessories Cellophane Roll Attachment 
    Writing Pack, Vinyl Cover etc.
    Cellophane Roll Attachment 
    Writing Pack, Vinyl Cover etc.
    Packing Sturdy Carboard Box 
    *Wooden Storing Cabinent
    Sturdy Carboard Box 
    *Wooden Storing Cabinent 
    Optional Accessories OHP Stand, Cellophane Roll, OHP Mount, Laser Pointer, Halogen Bulbs, Plywood Cabinet, Transparemcy Making Kit, OHP Trolley, Projection Screens, Film Slides and Strips. Attachment for Model PR-22 Series

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