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    Pressure Monitoring Lines

      PRESSURE MONITORING LINES (To Assist in the administration of Intravenous Infusion) ::

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    Specifications/Details :
    Disposable, Sterile and Non-Pyrogenic.
    Minimises the movement at cannulation site by taking manipulation site away from the insertion site.
    Considerably reduces the chances of mechanical irritation and infection thereby reducing trauma to the patient.
    Extends the pathway between the infusion site and the source of infusion.
    Highly kink resistant tubing.
    External Dia. : 2.80mm.
    Internal Dia. : 1.27mm.
    Length : 10, 100, 150 & 200cm.
    Standard Pressure Monitoring Line are Plain.
    Red, Blue & Yellow Colour Coded Tubes can be manufactured against bulk order.

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