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    Gluco Plus
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    Pipe Suction on Trolley

      Pipeline Suction on Trolley ::

    Item Code : SU20
    Specifications/Details :
    Vacuum Gauge: Fitted with a protective bumper device - 0-1000, 0-600 and 0-250 mbar/ kPa vacuum levels.
    Jars: Polycarbonate safety jar with overflow safety device and easy to change bacterial filter. Polycarbonate collection jar 1 or 2 ltr. with extra provision for using Swiss Medela disposable collection pouch.
    Wide membrane continuous suction controller, guaranteeing reliability and fine adjustment on a corrosion - resistant plastic moulded body and wheeled trolley.
    On / off knob allowing for the quick restoration of a preadjusted vacuum level, and central adjustment knob with a colored sticker: black for 0-1000, gray for 0-600 and white for 0-250 mbar / kPa.

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