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    Traction Kits Pelvic / Skin /Ankle

      Pelvic Traction Kit & Spares ::

    Pelvic Traction Kit & Spares
    Item Code : RH038
    Pelvic Traction Belt with velcro locks, sizes 28" 44"
    Item Code : RH039
    Pelvic Traction Pulley Bracket.
    Item Code : RH040
    Pelvic Traction Bar

      Cord ::

    Item Code : RH041
    Cord (10 ft.)
      Pelvic Traction Kit ::
    Pelvic Traction Kit
    Item Code : RH042
    Pelvic Traction Kit (without weight).
    Item Code : RH043
    Pelvic Traction Kit (with weight bag).

      Ankle Traction Kit ::

    Ankle Traction Kit
    Item Code : RH044
    Ankle Traction Belt, size universal
    Item Code : RH045
    Ankle Traction kit (without weights).
    Item Code : RH046
    Ankle Traction kit (with weight bag)

      Foot/ Skin Traction Kit ::

    Foot/ Skin Traction Kit
    Item Code : RH047
    Skin Traction Kit (without pulley bkt. & weight), sizes child, adult.
    Item Code : RH048
    Skin Traction Kit (With pulley bkt. & without weight).
    Item Code : RH049
    Skin Traction Kit (With pulley bkt. & weight bag).

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