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    Patient Monitoring

      Datex Ohmeda ::

    Compact Anesthesia Monitor

    Compact Anesthesia Monitor is all you need for effortless patient monitoring in post-anaesthesia care and general anaesthesia – a full range of monitoring parameters, intuitive use, carestation configurability, transparent device integration and data transfer between care areas. Coupled with the iCentral suite of applications, iPON information access and iConnect interfacing, modular monitoring is the solution for all your needs.

    FM Monitor
    FM Monitor allows wide versatility at the bedside and during transportation. With a large screen, long battery operating time and full wireless networking, it offers comprehensive monitoring functionality across care sites - in the recovery room, post-anaesthesia care unit, high-dependency unit, emergency department and step-down unit.
      Pulse Oximeters ::

    3800 and 3900 Pulse Oximeters with Ohmeda Motion

    Designed to improve pulse oximetry performance during clinical patient motion. All motion is not created equal. The reliable and easy-to-use 3800 and 3900 pulse oximeters also feature Ohmeda Motion, the proprietary clinical patient motion algorithm from Datex-Ohmeda.

    These products offer you improved performance:

    • More stable SpO2 values providing fewer false alarms.
    • Rapidly locate the sensor site with the strongest pulse signal-using PIr, Ohmeda Perfusion Index.
    • High visibility for quick decisions-backlit, always-on screen illuminates large numbers.
    • Full compatibility with all patient types and clinical situations when you use the complete spectrum of Ohmeda OxyTip+ sensors and cables.
    The 3800 and 3900 pulse oximeters are submitted to rigorous environmental/ mechanical stress testing such as rough handling and free fall drops, exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity, chemical and cleaning solvent resistance tests. The 3900 pulse oximeters offer advanced communication capabilities.

    TuffSat Handheld Oximeter
    One of the smallest handheld oximeters available, Datex-Ohmeda's TuffSat is the ideal spot-check solution for hospital, home care, transport, and EMS. TuffSat comes fully loaded with standard features.

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