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    New Stock Items

    1. Welch Allyn Vital Signs Spot monitor
    2. Autoclave.
      Description: Alminium, Seamless, Super Deluxe Series, Sz. 9" x 11", Non-Electric. Capacity: 11 liters.

    3. Ambu type bag (Artificial Resuscitator). Adult.
      Description: Black rubber, Autolcavable with face mask sz. 4. CE certified.

    4. Ambu type bag (Artificial Resuscitator). Child.
      Description: Black rubber, Autolcavable with face mask sz. 2. CE certified.

    5. Laryngoscope set.
      Description: 4 blades. Curved Macintosh Type, size: 1, 2 & 3, Straight Miller Type -Size: 1, Spare Bulbs - 4pcs & Stainless Steel Satin Handle uses two alkaline batteries (medium size, 1.5v battery).

    6. Stature Meter (Height Meter).

    7. Infantometer (Measuring Rod for babies) .
      Description: The extra-wide measuring range does its part to enable precise measuring in the recumbent position.

    8. Baby Weighing Scale Dial (Salter Type).
      Description: Includes with two MS steel Chrome plated steel suspension hooks & adjustment screw - Capacity 25 kg. x 100 gm. Metal Body.

    9. Baby Weighing Scale Dial (Pan Type).
      Description: Classic, Capacity 10 kg x 50 gms.

    10. Baby Weighing Scale Dial (Spring Type).
      Description: Capacity 5 kg x 100 gms. Color coded with zero adjustment device. Compact to fit in midwifery kits. Light weight - aluminum. With hook, suspension ring & rust proof firm grip.

    11. Personal Weighing Scale (MARQUESS).
      Description: Capacity: 150 kg x 0.5 kg.

    12. Instrument Sterilizer. (Electric)
      Description: Electric with hinged lid fitted with immersion rod and water outlet tap, seamless stainless steel construction. Fitted with automatic cutoff safety pin device, thermostat and tray fitting arrangement. Sz. 300 x 150 x 125 mm, 12.

    13. Stethoscope - Pinard Foetal.

    14. Stethoscope - regular.

    15. Stethoscope - Child, Stainless steel chest piece.

    16. Vaccum Extractor (Electric).
      Description: Supplied with 3 S. S. cups (40, 50 & 60 mm).

    17. Crutches - Elbow/ fore-arm

    18. Suction Unit ABS plastic.

    19. Gluco Plus Glucose Meter-complete blood glucose monitoring system.
      • Allows comfortable blood sample application from left or right side of the strip.
      • Quick and accurate results in seconds.
      • Requires a very small blood sample.
      • 192 test memory with date and time.

    20. Gluco Plus-Test Strips
      • Box of 50 test strips for blood glucose testing with the Gluco Plus Glucose Meter.

    21. Euromex - Binocular Novex Microscope.
      • New microscopes with modern shape and high quality
      • Binocular microscope with semi plan objectives 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x

    22. Weighing scale (Adult) with Height Meter.
      Description: Capacity 150 kg x 0.5 kg
    23. Urinals (Male) - plastic.

    24. Assorted surgical instruments

    Just Arrived.
    1. WelchAllyn Stethoscope, Adult.
      • General Exam stethoscope.
      • Adult.
      • Black in color.

    2. WelchAllyn OSZ 5 Digital Blood Pressure System.
      • Semi-auto Inflation with Adult Cuff
      • 22-32 cm (8.66 - 12.6 inches)
      • Home Blood Pressure Systems Model Configuration

    3. WelchAllyn OSZ 3 Digital Blood Pressure System
      • Auto Wrist Inflation with Universal Cuff (Fits all wrists)
      • Home Blood Pressure Systems Model Configuration.

    4. WelchAllyn Disytest Home.
      • Blood Pressure Unit, Aneroid.
      • Cuff with stethoscope.

    5. WelchAllyn PanOptic Prestige Lithium Ion Diagnostic set.
      • a 5 X larger view of the fundus.
      • bigger, better, sharper views of the ear to help you see more and perform faster, more efficient ear examinations
      • Lithium Ion handle delivers twice the on-time in half the weight of NiCad handles

    6. WelchAllyn DuraShock blood pressure unit.
      • Maintain accurate blood pressure readings with lower lifetime cost.
      • this premium gauge provides unsurpassed reliability in a traditional handheld design.

    7. WelchAllyn Pocket Junior Set.
      • Includes an otoscope
      • Includes an ophthalmoscope.
      • Includes two handles.
      • Includes a case.

    8. WelchAllyn Flexi-port blood pressure cuffs.
      • FlexiPort Reusable One-Piece Blood Pressure Cuffs
      • Longlasting, easy to use, and affordable, WelchAllyn cuffs

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