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    Gluco Plus
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    Plastic Molecular Model Kits / Sets


    These sets consist of moulded balls of different colours and sizes along with connecting lugs of different sizes. These sets are very helpful in modelling different organic & Inorganic compounds.
    SENIOR SET : This set consists of 150 lugs & 370 balls of prescribed colours and sizes packed in a moulded box having seperate space for every particular colour & size of ball.
    JUNIOR SET : This set consists of 30 connecting lugs and 75 balls of different colours and sizes.

    Material :Polystyrene (PS)
    Item Code Description
    P52.0001 Senior Set
    P52.0002 Junior Set


    These Crystal Model Sets contain different coloured jacks (Red, Black & White) & connectors (Long & Short) in a prescribed number to be joined together in an illustrated way to form structures like Diamond, Graphite & Sodium Chloride.

    Material :Polyethylene
    Item Code Description
    P53.0101 Diamond
    P53.0102 SodiumChloride
    P53.0103 Graphite

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