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    Microtomes & Knife Sharpener
    (Silver Series)

      Hand & Table Microtome ::

    Hand & Table Microtome
    Item Code : MC900

    This is a portable, handy and simple microtome recommended for laboratories, field work etc. For sectioning of fresh tissues. It is easy to operate and cuts in steps of 10 microns each.
    Supplied with a plano concave razor and table clamping device in a storing box.

      Rocking Microtome ::

    Rocking Microtome
    Item Code : MC910

    This is a sturdy and well designed microtome (Cambridge type) which can cut sections of tissues from 2-24 microns in steps of 2 microns each. It is highly suitable for elementary students.

      Supplied with the following :
    Built-in handle in box.
    3 Block holders.
    Dust cover.
    Honing stone in a storing cabinet.

      Senior Precision Rotary Microtome ::

    Senior Precision Rotary Microtome
    Item Code : MC920

    Standard & economically priced sectioning device providing all advantages of precision rotary microtome. The interior mechanism is seated on a heavy cast iron base, covered with a metal cover for protection from dust and grit. The microtome is equipped with a ball and flange type object holder to get exact centering of specimen, knife holder with lateral movement permitting use of complete knife edge and has feed range from 1-25 microns in steps of 1 micron each.

      Supplied with the following :
    Razor 120 mm - 1 pc.
    Oil can - 1 pc.
    Honing stone - 1 pc.
    Dust cover - 1 pc.
    Object holder (set of 3) - 1 set.
    Operating manual.
      Advanced Precision Rotary Microtome ::

    Advanced Precision Rotary Microtome
    Item Code : MC930

    It is a universally approved, most modern and reliable sectioning equipment designed for very precise sectioning of tissues upto 1 micron thickness. The feed indicator, located in front of microtome is operated by the latest 'CAM DRIVE SYSTEM' for accurate feed setting from 1 - 50 micron in steps of 1 micron.The salient features include independent feed mechanism with automatic safety device, universal knife holder with lateral movements permitting use of the entire knife edge, universal vice type object holder for accurate centering of the specimen.

      Supplied with the following :
    Razor 120mm - 1 pc.
    Oil Can - pc.
    Honing Stone - 1 pc.
    Dust Cover - 1 pc.
    Object holder (set of 3) - 1 pc.
    Operating manual.

      Automatic Knife Sharpener ::

    Automatic Knife Sharpener
    Item Code : MC940

    A portable and precise automatic microtome knife sharpening equipment for fine sharpening of all microtome knives upto 140 mm in length. Sharpening duration can be adjusted with timer from 0-60 minutes.

      Supplied with the following :
    Universal knife holder - 1 pc.
    Honing glass plates - 2 pcs.
    Honing glass compound - 1 bottle.
    Knife inspection block - 1 pc.
    Redressing pad - 1 pc.
    Micro abrasive suspension for coarse honing - 1 bottle.
    Micro abrasive Suspension for fine honing - 1 bottle.
    Operating manual.
      Accessories for Microtomes ::

    Accessories for Microtomes
    Item Code : MC960

    Razor Attachment : A very simple attachment permitting a safety blade in place of microtome knife, very suitable for cutting accurate sections.

    Microtome Razors : Rotary Microtome Razors fabricated from imported fine grain tool steel, heat treated and tested for micro-structure. Supplied with back and handle in box.

    Item Code : MC970

    Size 120 mm both sides wedge.

    Item Code : MC971

    Size 140 mm both sides wedge.

    Item Code : MC972

    Size 160 mm both sides wedge.

    Item Code : MC973

    Rocking Microtome Razor.

    Object Holders
    Item Code : MC975

    Set of three object holders for rotary microtomes.

    Item Code : MC976

    Set of three object holders for rocking microtomes.

    Honing Stone
    Item Code : MC980

    Size 8" (20cms).

    Item Code : MC981

    Size 10" (25cms).

    Item Code : MC985

    Leather Strap : Made of best quality leather mounted on wooden frame, for final honing of microtomes knives.

    Item Code : MC990

    L. Moulds (Brass) : 50 x 25 x 15 mm each pair.

    Micro Abrasives Suspension
    Item Code : MC950

    Micro Abrasive suspension for coarse honing of microtome knives (Bottle of 200 ml.).

    Item Code : MC951

    Micro Abrasive Suspension for fine honing of microtome knives (Bottle of 200 ml.).

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