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    GE Healthcare
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    Magnetic Resonance System

      Signa HDe 1.5T ::

    Smaller. Simpler. Sooner.
    It's GE's most compact 1.5T MRI system, with 30% smaller overall siting than other comparable field systems. The Signa HDe offers a complete set of imaging applications and is simply the best choice for your next MRI scanner.

      Signa Ovation HD ::

    Signa Ovation HD
    This mid-field system widens the gap in open MRI –because everywhere you look, Ovation HD gives you more. More patient room. More clinician access. More image quality. More comprehensive suite of advanced applications such as TRICKS and PROPELLER and advanced coils.

      Signa Profile HD ::

    Signa Profile HD
    Open. Spacious. With a patient-friendly design to help reduce anxiety and claustrophobia - without compromising diagnostic utility. The Signa Profile HD features a compact, permanent magnet. A powerful multi-tasking computer. And a single-cabinet configuration for easy siting.
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