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    Instrument Trays
    (Surgical Trays - Dressing Trays)

      Instruments Trays with Cover (Stainless Steel) ::

    NET Brand Trays with or without Lid (Cover) in Stainless Steel & in Aluminium are available in various sizes and are being exported all over the world in huge quantities. 

    Please send us your lists of requirements and we shall be glad to send our C.I.F. rates and samples.

    Instruments Trays with Cover (Stainless Steel) (Inner Dia.)
    in mm in inches Regular
    0.37 mm
    Local sheet 202grade
    Export Quality
    0.4 mm tray
    Jindal 202 grade
    0.5mm tray 
    Jindal 202grade
    18/8 gauge
    0.5mm tray 
    Salem 304grade
    200x79x40 8x3x1½ HH200 HH202 Codes HH204 HH206
    201x150x48 8x6x2 HH210 HH212 Codes HH214 HH216
    227x152x48 9x6x2 HH220 HH222 Codes HH224 HH226
    254x200x48 10x8x2 HH230 HH232 Codes HH234 HH236
    271x177x48 11x7x2 HH240 HH242 Codes HH244 HH246
    305x203x48 12x8x2 HH250 HH252 Codes HH254 HH256
    305x250x48 12x10x2 HH260 HH262 Codes HH264 HH266
    352x251x48 14x10x2 HH270 HH272 Codes HH274 HH276
    376x300x48 15x12x2 HH280 HH282 Codes HH284 HH286
    450x300x50 18x12x2 HH290 HH292 Codes HH294 HH296
    225x125x50 9x5x2 - - Codes - HH298*
    310x195x63 12½x7¾x2½ - - Codes - HH299*
    Note: Trays without cover are also available - Add ‘C’ to above codes.                            *These are 0.6mm.

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