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    Baby Incubator

      Baby Incubator ::

    Item Code : NIC400
    Microprocessor Controlled..Intensive Care Incubator.
    The temp controlled unit is operated by advanced micro computer technology.
    The three digital display indication provide the Set Temperature, Air Temperature and Skin Temperature.
    The safety features are self test and alarm system. Which will detect the different failures.
    The removable heater and fan unit make it easy to clean and service.
    In addition, the Skin/Air temperature display is larger then the other set temperature display.
    Full visibility & accessibility of the baby is provided by the designed of acrylic hood.
    A full complement of alarm provides safety convenience, with both audible and visual indicator.
    Probe:- Activates if probe is open, short or unplugged seconds.
    Fan:- Activates by fan failure or slow rotation.
    Over Temperature:- Activates if the temperature sense 0.5 deg. Above the set temperature.
    Low temperature:- Activates if the temperature sense 0.5 deg. Blow the set temperature.
    Power Failure.
    Programmable Set High/ Set Low temp & mute time.
    Humidification is provided with the help of ultrasonic nebulizier which gives a constant humidification in the hood.
    A big storage space is provided at the bottom of the unit to keep consumables etc.
    The unit rests on four big castors with brakes in the front caster.

    Electrical Specification
    Power 200V/50Hz
    Power consumption 300Watts
    Chasis Leakage >500 Amp
    Current Fuse 5 Amp

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