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    Hammers & Tuning Forks

    We offers you the following Reflex Hammers and Tuning Forks :
    • Percussion Hammer Taylor Model, Triangular Rubber Insert in Brass Nickel Plated Handle with Pin and Brush.

      HAMMERS ::

    Item Code : DP13 - Queen Square Pattern Hammer
    Plastic Flexible Handle with Round Rubber Head and Reflex Point.

    Item Code : DP14 - Percussion Hammer
    Taylor model.
    Triangular rubber insert in brass nickel plated solid handle with reflex point.

    Item Code : DP15
    Same as DP14 but handle with pin and brush.

    Item Code : DP16 - Neurological Hammer
    Double Ended with Reflex Point and Brush (T-shape).

    Tuning Forks

    Tuning Forks - Stainless Steel


    Item Code : DP80
    Diagnostic set consisting of opthalmoscope, otoscope with 2 aural and 1 nasal specula, laryngeal and post-nasal mirror, metal tongue depressor, bent arm throat lamp, and spare lamp in a plastic carry case. Metal handle accommodates 2 C size battery.


    Item Code : DP82
    Gowland Type.
    Brass Chrome Plated battery handle.
    Lens cap and 3 Speculae.
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