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    Plastic Elisa/Assay Plates


    NET brand ELISA/ASSAY plates are made of optically clear, non-toxic Polystrene. These plates with 96 U Bottom or flat bottom wells bear alpha-numeric index. Uniform placement of all the wells facilitate use of multi channel pipettes. These plates packed individually are available non-sterile as well as radiation sterilized.

    Material :Polystyrene (PS)
    Item Code Description
    P115.0001 Flat Bottom Elisa Plate
    P115.0003 U Bottom Elisa Plate
    P115.0005 Flat Bottom Assay Plate
    P115.0007 U Bottom Assay Plate
    P115.0009 Flat Bottom Elisa Plate-Sterile
    P115.0011 U Bottom Elisa Plate-Sterile
    P115.0013 Flat Bottom Assay Plate-Sterile
    P115.0015 U Bottom Assay Plate-Sterile

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