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    Disposable Surgical / Medical Products


    Welcome to Disposable Surgical / Medical Products ‘index’ page of Mednet Healthcare Limited. We have high quality disposable surgical/ medical products to offer. Mednet Healthcare Limited is Uganda’s reputed supplier and importers of surgical, medical and hospital products. Click on the following image/text links to jump to the page of your choice.


    I.V. CANNULAE Nelaton (Jacques) Catheters - Disposable (P.V.C.) Suction Catheters - Disposable (P.V.C.) Infant Feeding Tubes - Disposable (P.V.C.)

    Umbilical Cannula - Disposable (P.V.C.) Kehr's T Tube - Disposable (P.V.C.) Drainage Sheet - Disposable (P.V.C) Yankur Suction Handle and Set

    Ryles Tubes - Disposable (P.V.C.) Umbilical Cord Clamp Polypropylene Kidney Tray Close Wound Suction

    Stop Cock - 3way Pregnancy Test Kit Bandage Skin Traction Scalp Vein Set

    External Male Catheter Mucus Extractor Catheter Pressure Monitoring Lines Hypo-Allergenic Microporous Surgical Tape
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