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    Diagnostic ECG

      MAC 400 ::

    MAC 400 Resting ECG System
    The MAC 400 is a unique ECG, specifically designed to help physicians, to better predict and diagnose patients at risk of heart diseases.

    It is highly portable, easy-to-use and allows for various patients' configurations to assist the physician in making faster, more confident cardiac assessment and provide better patient care.

    It is available with the highly accurate and clinically proven Marquette 12SL analysis program.

    The same quality that resides in the premium ECG devices is made available in the compact MAC 400 to enable every physician to use the GE technology and perform reliable ECGs on every patient, bringing to life GE Healthcare's mission of Early Health and making ECG available to every physician, every patient, everywhere.

      MAC 1200 ST Resting ECG and Stress Testing System ::

    Enhance decision making efficiency and continuity of care
    The MAC 1200 ST is in its basic version a resting ECG system whose true one-button operation makes it especially suitable for routine use in private practice, emergency medicine or hospitals.

    The standard, built-in battery provides for mobile use - anytime and anywhere. An extraordinary feature is the independent battery operation together with the electrode application system KISS with device integrated suction pump (optional). The MAC 1200 ST has a brilliant graphic display where the 12 leads can be displayed quickly in 3-lead sequences.

    The MAC 1200 ST offers individually adjustable output formats for evaluation of the ECG and for archiving:

    • One A4 page for the complete 12-channel resting ECG with all relevant curves, patient data, date, time and instrument settings
    • Configurable parameters of the stress test reports

      Ergometer ::

    GE Healthcare's range of ergometer systems is complemented by another efficient component, the bicycle ergometer eBike.

    • The system collects the full range of exercise test data for precise documentation
    • Pre-configured as well as user-created exercise profiles are available to the user
    • The entire exercise test is controlled from a single point, the electrocardiograph
    • eBike features an integrated blood pressure meter delivering interference-free systolic, diastolic and heart-rate data during exercise
    • We provide a user-friendly manual mode where all relevant data can be seen at one glance
    • The ergometer can easily be connected to our cardiographs via the existing digital/analog output interface

      CASE Stress test system ::

    Resting ECG and Stress
    Building on Marquette's legacy of leadership in exercise testing, the next-generation CASEŽ system delivers highly scaleable solutions to meet virtually any facility's unique requirements from high-throughput multi-modality stress labs to small offices that run exercise tests only occasionally. By combining a range of truly unique ergonomic features with proven performance and advanced networking alternatives, it offers the ultimate in accurate, efficient stress testing.

      MARS Holter Analysis System ::

    Unmatched Flexibility & Customization
    The MARS Holter Monitoring system is a PC-based, sophisticated clinical system that's been scaled from the office to the hospital enterprise. With its software-only version, private practices can be equipped with the same innovative ECG technology and ease of use features as hospital-based MARS systems. Gold-standard Marquette ECG Analysis programs provide powerful risk stratification tools.

    • Link your hospital, cardiology department, clinic, outreach facility and/or healthcare enterprise with MARS client server connectivity options
    • MARS-to-MUSE Information System or CardioSoft connectivity option provides centralized archival and retrieval of reports and comprehensive data sharing
    • Acquire data from SEER Light and SEER Light Extend - our smallest and lightest digital recorders
    • Unique set of SCD risk stratification tools: Marquette Heart Rate Turbulence, Marquette T Wave Alternans, beat to beat QT measurement
    • With GE's patented Waterfall Display technique you can review and verify 40 minutes of ECG in a glance

      SEER Light and SEER Light Extend Digital Recorders ::

    Exceptional Patient Comfort
    SEER Light compact digital recorder is GE's smallest and lightest Holter recorder, weighing only 72 g. It is designed for reliability, durability and patient comfort.

    • 2 or 3 channels of Full Disclosure ECG with pacemaker detection
    • Up to 48 hours of recording time with SEER Light Extend
    • Easy to find patient event button
    • Quick access to patient demographic data

      Tonoport V ::

    Tonoport V - Ambulatory Bloodpressure
    The CardioSoft Ambulatory Blood Pressure application provides a software solution for monitoring blood pressure over extended periods of time. Easy to program and simple to set up, the TONOPORT V module easily attached to your patient. It provides comprehensive blood pressure data in textual and graphical displays with user-definable settings. The module simply connects your PC so you can quickly download recorded data.

      T-2100 treadmill ::

    Unmatched Performance, Safety and Value
    • Versatile performance allows use on a wider range of patients: Up to 204 kg and speeds from 0 to 21,7 km/hr, 0 to 25 percentage grade range
    • Unmatched safety: 152 cm walking surface, standard emergency stop switch, 0 km/hr speed, full handrail configuration
    • Unmatched reliability with less moving parts and simpler design
    • Less maintenance required with a digital controller that negates the need for frequent speed and grade calibrations

      Responder 2000 ::

    Small, lightweight and powerful Hospital defibrillator
    ResponderŽ 2000, a technologically advanced, biphasic defibrillator-monitor engineered specifically to meet the needs of medical professionals in hospitals and clinics worldwide.

    Responder 2000 features manual and semi-automatic defibrillation modes, and can be used to perform cardioversion with ECG input from GE's Dash or Solar patient monitors.

    • 3- and 5-lead ECG
    • Simple-to-navigate user interface
    • Customizable settings
    • Pediatric-adaptable external paddles
    • Bright, full-color, backlit display

      Responder 3000 ::

    Small, lightweight and powerful Hospital defibrillator
    GE Defibrillators put you in control throughout the critical care chain from the scene of the heart attack, via the ambulance, to the hospital.
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