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    Computer Tomography

      Bright Speed Elite ::

    16 Slice Scanning and Superior Clinical Applications
    The BrightSpeedT Elite brings you multi-detector CT capabilities with maximum convenience in an ultra-compact design. Built with LightSpeed VCTT technology inside, the BrightSpeed Elite allows you to perform clinical applications simply not possible with a single detector system. All while enhancing your workflow.

      Light Speed VCT XT ::

    Extending The Clinical Value of Volume CT
    The LightSpeed VCT XT® is the new system of the LightSpeed family. It is a whole body scanner for innovative, advanced cardiac and neuro imaging, with SnapShot PulseT can deliver up to 70% dose savings without any loss of image quality in cardiac studies. Another LightSpeed VCT XT® advancement is VolumeShuttleT This new acquisition technique enables 80mm of volume coverage for improved neuro CTA and perfusion with a single contrast injection.

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