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    Gluco Plus
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      WelchAllyn CP 100T Electrocardiograph ::

    A reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective ECG device for almost any office setting.
    • A 12-lead resting ECG that provides accurate measurements
    • Optional MEANS ECG interpretation software for a second opinion
    • High-resolution thermal printer generates full-sized standard and customized reports
    • Lead quality graphic saves valuable time by highlighting poor connections
    • Full alphanumeric keyboard and LCD screen for easy patient data entry

      WelchAllyn CP 200T Electrocardiograph with Optional Spirometry ::

    An easy-to-use, full-featured device with advanced options to help streamline office workflow.
    • Same features as the CP 100 plus:
    • Large color LCD screen allows you to easily preview critical information on screen
    • Save time by using dedicated function or "hot keys" to perform the most common functions without scrolling through menus
    • Store up to 50 ECGs and 50 spirometry tests for later review and editing of patient data and interpretation
    • Easily connect directly to WelchAllyn CardioPerfectT Workstation Software through cable interface
    • Optional spirometry testing and optional MEANS interpretation software

      WelchAllyn PC-Based Exercise ECG ::

    Turns any PC into an all-in-one, high-performance, low-cost stress test system. Has everything you need, including the ability to simultaneously monitor 12 leads on screen with programmable reports and protocols.
    • 12-lead ECG mode for baseline ECGs
    • Select any of the commonly used stress protocols or customize your own
    • Records and monitors all 12 leads simultaneously
    • View any leads in 3-, 6-, or 12-lead screen formats
    • Reports can be printed on demand or at predefined intervals
    • Scroll-back function for easy confirmation of ECG abnormalities
    • Arrhythmia detection is available throughout the test
    • All data is stored on the hard drive, allowing access to the original test results at any time

      CP 50 ::

    Introducing the fast, flexible, and connected Welch Allyn CP 50T electrocardiograph.
    • Color Touchscreen Display
    • On-Screen Instructions
    • Programmable Report Formats
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