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    Bandage Skin Traction


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    Specifications/Details :
    The complete orthopaedic Bandage for giving Skin traction in  fracture femur.  Includes hypoallergenic adhesive plaster, plastic plate, cord & crepe bandage.  It is so convenient to use that the Doctor who uses it once loves to use it again and again.  It is time saver, money saver, easy & quick to apply for the doctor and safe for sensitive skin patients due to hypoallergenic adhesive.  Is sealed in two pouches - one inside the other to avoid spoiling before use.
    Product Features :
    Easy to unroll & Easy to mould.
    Gives smooth finish if massaged with gloved hands.
    No need to store in refrigerator as it is specially designed for tropical climates.
    Available in bright colours like Yellow, Orange, Green and White etc.
    How to apply :
    Shave the skin, wash with soap & water & dry it.
    Keep the plate on the heal.
    Take off the release paper from one side of adhesive tape & now stick to that side of leg.
    Take off the release paper from other side of adhesive tape & now stick to that side of leg.
    Wrap the crepe bandage but not too tight.
    Now tie one or two bricks or sand bag to the string attached to plastic plate & hang to the edge of the bed.

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