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    The revolutionary WelchAllyn DuraShock blood pressure gauges

    The first aneroid sphygmomanometers designed for the way clinicians work. With an exclusive shock-resistant, gear-free design, WelchAllyn blood pressure gauges with DuraShock technology will stay in calibration longer, ensuring caregivers will maintain accurate readings over the life of the gauge with lower lifetime cost-for total peace of mind.

    DuraShock technology has earned international recognition for medical design being the most major Innovation in Blood Pressure Technology in 100 Years of manual aneroid sphygmomanometers.

    With DuraShock technology, WelchAllyn has revolutionized blood pressure design by creating gear-free technology that:

    • Has fewer moving parts inside the gauge
    • Enables blood pressure gauges with DuraShock technology to withstand drops from up to 60 in. and still maintain calibration
    • Can withstand day-to-day use in today's busy healthcare environment, giving you more accurate readings, longer

    Traditional Gear-based Gauge Assembly

    Traditional blood pressure gauges are built using a number of gears, pinions and other small pieces and parts. When a gauge is dropped or banged around during normal day-to-day use, these small parts are often rattled, and the gauge might need to be recalibrated or even replaced.

    DuraShock Gauge Assembly

    Gear-free design of gauges with DuraShock technology means fewer, smaller, and more robust parts, making the blood pressure gauge much more accurate when exposed to shock and vibration than a gauge with traditional gears.

    Traditional Gear-based Design and Mechanics

    Traditional gauges have geared movement made up of several moving parts. As air is inflated or deflated in a blood pressure cuff, the bellows expands and contracts, causing a pinion to move. This pinion starts the movement of a series of gears, which then allows the rotation of the pointer on the dial face. This 100-year-old design makes the pieces inside traditional gauges prone to movement, risking gauge calibration.

    DuraShock gauge Design and Mechanics

    Sphygmomanometers with DuraShock technology rely on air to be inflated or deflated in order to move a diaphragm against the bottom of a pin. This pin is surrounded by a small spring. As the pin moves up and down, the spring twists as it expands and contracts with the up and down movement of the pin. This twisting movement of the spring causes the needle to move around the dial face with the up and down motion of the pin.
    As you can clearly see, DuraShock gauges use fewer parts, have a more robust design, and rugged construction to make a durable, shock-resistant gauge that maintains its calibration for more accurate readings over time.

    WelchAllyn Laser Engraving

    All WelchAllyn aneroids are laser engraved for increased gauge accuracy. Each gauge with a laser engraved dial face starts with a blank face. The gauge is pressurized to various pressures as a vision system records the position of the needle at each pressure. These measurements are taken both upscale and downscale, and this information is stored and programmed into a laser that will then engrave the markings around the dial.
    This process allows each dial face to be customized to the unique movement inside the gauge, ensuring gauges that are accurate at all pressures.

    Why accuracy matters

    Calibration Is Taken for Granted
    In today's demanding healthcare environment blood pressure gauges can take a beating. They get dropped on the floor and even get tossed onto countertops, often causing them to fall out of calibration and risking the accuracy of the gauge.
    Accurate blood pressure measurement is the only way to diagnose hypertension. Properly calibrated equipment plays a key role in helping attain accurate readings-and helps caregivers make informed diagnoses.
    WelchAllyn gauges with DuraShock technology are the first series of gear-free blood pressure gauges that:

    • Meet AAMI's (American Association of Medical Instrumentation) shock-resistant standard, making them better equipped to withstand day-to-day use and abuse
    • Maintain more accurate readings over time while eliminating the need for constant calibration and replacement
    • Offer a lifetime calibration warranty. WelchAllyn will recalibrate the gauge, free of charge, for as long as you own the product

    How to take Accurate Blood Pressure Readings

    Blood pressure measurements can be affected by the position of the patient and their physiologic condition. Before beginning a procedure, ensure that the patient rests for at least five minutes, has support for their back and feet, and does not cross their legs. Passively support the patient's lower arm and keep the upper arm at heart level. The procedure needs to take place in a quiet environment with no talking.
    WARNING: Failure to follow these recommendations can result in inaccurate blood pressure measurements.

    Calibration check-up

    Often caught up in the busy day-to-day activities of today's frontline healthcare environment, healthcare providers don't always do routine calibration checks on their gauges-and the gauges' accuracy is subsequently taken for granted, resulting in potentially inaccurate diagnostic information. WelchAllyn recommends that all blood pressure gauges be checked for calibration every two years.

    DuraShock Product Lines With gear-free DuraShock technology, you can count on WelchAllyn gauges to:

    • Remain in calibration longer than traditional blood pressure gauges, providing you with readings that maintain accuracy over time
    • Not need to be replaced as often as traditional aneroids, giving you a lower lifetime cost
    • Be capable of passing AAMI's (American Association of Medical Instrumentation) shock resistant specification of surviving a 76 cm drop onto a hard surface and remaining in calibration
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