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    Understanding WelchAllyn FlexiPortT Blood Pressure Cuffs.

    What is FlexiPort?

    The FlexiPort fitting provides a single-point of connection between devices and cuffs, making any cuff a one- or two- tube cuff. The Port also adds flexibility as the cuff can be allocated to the patient therefore the reading will be more accurate because the correct size is being used. This system also provides a quick release when moving the device from one patient to the next.

    Why Standardise On WelchAllyn FlexiPort?

    • Choice of Reusable or Disposable cuffs.
    • Every cuff can be used as one- or two-tube cuff.
    • Easy one-hand attachment/detachment of tubing from FlexiPort makes changing cuffs much faster and easier.
    • Part numbers are reduced by up to 60 percent, simplifying ordering and inventory.
    • Meets all the latest clinical guidelines for proper fit.
    • The risk of cross-contamination is reduced by using one cuff per patient.
    • The confusion of multiple tube and connector configurations is eliminated.
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