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    Introducing the Entry-Level LOGIQ C-Series ultrasound diagnostic systems.
    Ultrasound Post.
    Technical development and medical research - news and facts
    2008/4th edition No.23

    GE Healthcare is proud to present the new LOGIQ C Series, entry-level ultrasound diagnostic systems for radiology which reflect GE's thorough understanding of the needs of patients and healthcare providers. What makes the LOGIQ C series so special - and makes GE stand out clearly from the competition - is that each system in the series is based on GE's unique TruScan Architecture. First developed and introduced into GE's high-end ultrasound units, TruScan Architecture is now incorporated into each of these entry-level systems, providing every LOGIQ C series user with state-of the-art technology.

    The TruScan Architecture in each model embodies a range of features:

    • SmartScan - for superior diagnostic consistency and improved image acquisition, reducing the time needed for examining each patient.
    • ComfortScan - the ergonomic design of each model aids ease-of-use and operator comfort.
    • TruAccess technology - incorporated into the LOGIQ C3 & C5, it enables live scanning techniques to be applied to stored image data - an exclusive GE raw data processing technology that enhances diagnostic capability.

    The LOGIQ C series is a perfect example of GE's practice of technology migration, long preached by GE as a method of providing customers with a price/performance ratio in the industry that is second to none.

    LOGIQ C2
    Your logical first choice

    The LOGIQ C2 is a black and white system designed as a stepping stone into the world of ultrasound for clinical practices. This entry-level system draws on GE's leading ultrasound technologies, enhancing quality of diagnosis but without over-stretching budgets.

    Whilst light in weight, with a small footprint and easy to move, the LOGIQ C2 is truly big on features, including:

    • Auto Optimization - to improve contrast resolution
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging - for increased spatial and contrast resolution
    • Virtual Convex - wider field of view on linear probes
    • Auto Depth
    • Optional extras: LOGIQ View, Easy3D and DICOM

    LOGIQ C3
    Diagnosis with details

    The black and white LOGIQ C3 is designed with an in-depth understanding of the needs of clinical practice; it features a higher level of image quality and is equipped with a host of features for optimized performance.

    With the Auto Optimization, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Virtual Convex and Auto Depth features of the C2 as standard, the LOGIQ C3's impressive performance is further enhanced with optional add-on features such as:

    • LOGIQView - to provide an extend field of view
    • Easy 3D - to see greater detail in anatomy positions
    • Anatomical M-Mode - for angle adjustment on frozen and live images
    • DICOM - for easy connectivity with workstations
    • PWD - Pulse Wave Doppler

    LOGIQ C5
    Offering greater insight

    The LOGIQ C5 offers all the features of the C3, plus advanced color Doppler to enable informed decision making. It is designed to support healthcare specialists in clinical practice with higher patient volumes and growing case complexity by bringing superior diagnostic capability to your fingertips. The LOGIQ C5 boosts productivity and performance. But without the need for large investments.

    The LOGIQ C Series also supports a wide range of ergonomically designed convex, micro-convex, linear and phased-array sector probes.

    The LOGIQ C product range is backed by GE's strong service support. Dedicated teams of service engineers worldwide ensure that GE customers are purchasing much more than just a product. GE provides in-depth, onsite applications training, backup from our ultrasound service teams and frequent training programs for field engineers. Add to this pro-active monitoring, real-time support and training - all available from GE's InSite II™.

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