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    Welch Allyn Propaq LT - Product positioning.

    Extending continuous monitoring to care areas where technical complexity or cost made it impossible in the past


    • The Propaq LT monitor uniquely solves problems not adequately addressed today. The Propaq LT is a "monitor for the masses," which effectively bridges the gap between today's continuous monitors and spotcheck devices.
    • The Propaq LT monitor is a highly deployable continuous monitoring device that can be used as a handheld, ambulatory, transport and bedside monitor.

    Progressive Care:

    • Get more monitor for your money: the Propaq LT provides all the basic required vital sign parameters and can be used for transport, ambulatory, procedure, bedside and spot-check applications.
    • Lighter and smaller than an infusion pump, the Propaq LT can be patient worn, hand-held or deployed on bedrails, fluids poles, wall mounts and patient carrying straps.
    • Designed to fit varying levels of nurse competency, not just varying levels of patient acuity. The Propaq LT provides simplified basic monitoring functionality that enables less-skilled clinicians to matriculate from vital signs spot-checking to continuous monitoring.
    • The Propaq LT can dramatically enhance patient safety because its flexibility enables clinicians to monitor patients continuously, regardless of location or circumstance. Also, the Propaq LT monitor can be customconfigured to meet the needs of each individual floor or care area.
    • The Propaq LT offers excellent synergy with Welch Allyn's vital signs devices (SureTemp, SPOT, VSM) and continuous monitoring systems (wireless connectivity to FlexNet available).


    • The Propaq LT is the lightest (< 2 lbs.), most rugged (can withstand 2 meter drop), longest battery life (up to 24 hours), most motion tolerant portable monitor in the world.
    • The Propaq LT offers the transport arena the brand they trust at a little more than half the price.

    Emergency Department:

    • Ideal for observation and rule-out MI patients in attached chest pain clinics.
    • Durability and compact size make the Propaq LT a superior transport and triage monitor.
    • The Large Color Display option enhances bedside applications with multiple caregivers.


    • Basic parameters for majority of pediatric hospital beds
    • Custom Pedi-Neo configurable options such as pediatric operating mode, display, key pad lockouts etc.

    Outpatient Surgery:

    • Basic parameters necessary for day surgery.
    • Enhanced beside applications with Large Color Display option.
    • Simple PC interface for documentation and custom configuration.


    • Tactical rescue and back-up monitor for ALS personnel.
    • Principal monitor for BLS personnel. Couples nicely with AED10.
    • Advanced trending capabilities and 21-second Snapshot full disclosure storage.
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