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    GE Healthcare's product portfolio with applications for pandemic flu.

    GE Healthcare offers a number of technologies to help clinicians diagnose and treat influenza, reduce the spread of infection, and help manage large scale outbreaks. A capsule summary is provided below. Additional data and specification sheets are readily available. In addition, GE Healthcare's Life Sciences business offers a range of technologies and consumables used in vaccine development and manufacture, and by public health and research laboratories.

    Please contact your local GE Healthcare representative for further information or discussion about any of these products and services.


    VENTILATOR: The iVentfamily of ventilators was designed to be portable and battery operated, allowing continuous or intermittent ventilatory support for the care of individuals whorequire mechanical ventilation. Specifically, these ventilators are for use with adult through pediatric patients who require invasive or non-invasive assistance. These ventilators are equipped with disposable patient circuits to help circulate the air flow to patients.

    Engström Carestation VentilatorAMX

    VENTILATOR: The Engström Carestation Ventilator integrates ventilation and monitoring to provide integration through the care process. It is also adaptable from the NICU to step-down units. Cable free and automatic connections make cleaning between patients a hassle-free process.

    AMX 4+

    MOBILE X-RAY: The AMX 4+ brings the diagnostic capability of X-ray to the patient bedside allowing x-rays to be taken to examine lung fluid levels without transporting the patient. Each mobileunit can be easily wiped down and cleaned between patients, helping to prevent the spread of contagions.

    Definium AMX 700

    DIGITAL MOBILE X-RAY: The Definium AMX 700 units bring the diagnostic capability of digital X-ray to the patient bedside allowing for real-time acquisition and display with optional transfer to PACS. Each mobile unit can be easily wiped down andcleaned between patients, helping to prevent the spread of contagions.

    Mobile Medical Units

    MOBILE MEDICAL UNITS: GE equipped mobile medical units can be used to quickly expand facility capacity and provide triage and quarantined space. They may also be utilized to provide remote care to areas experiencing an influenza outbreak. Through GE's comprehensive business interests we can also provide mobile power, water purification, IT and security systems for large scale installations.

    Disposable BP Cuffs & airway products

    SINGLE PATIENT USE PRODUCTS: GEHC provides a wide range of single patient use devices for respiratory, anesthesia, and critical care applications. High efficiency filters and filter/HME combinations help reduce the risk of airborne infection. Singlepatient use airway management devices and true one patient Blood Pressure cuffs help prevent the spread of disease through contaminated surfaces.


    CareMonitors VITAL SIGNS MONITOR: Elevated temperatures are one of the key early indicators of flu. The CARESCAPETV100 monitor is portable and is designed to quickly assess important patient vital signs including NIBP SpO2 and temperature. It can evaluate temperatures in seven seconds. Disposable probe covers are available.

    Temporal Scanner

    TEMPORAL ARTERY THERMOMETER: The Temporal Scanner, a non-invasive temporal artery thermometer, enables temperature acquisition with speed, precision, comfort and accuracy. The Temporal Scanner may be used on infants, children or adults. Unlike oral and rectal thermometers, the Temporal Scanner does not come into contact with mucous membranes.


    UVC AIR PURIFIER: By breaking down the DNA of airborne pathogens, Medixair UVC air purifiers are clinically proven to reduce the risk of infection from MRSA and other airborne infections. These purifiers are easy to install, can be moved from room to room and can be operated continuously.

    Critical CareMonitors VITAL

    FDA MONITORING SOLUTIONS: GE Healthcare offers simple,cost-effective ways to expand a healthcare provider's capacity for monitoring vital signs in virtually any patient, from neonates to adults. With wireless networking installed, any bed can quickly be turned into a monitored bed.

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